Repair & Maintenance

Depending on the job and substrate, from a full respray or hand application; repairing scratches up to full respray can all be catered for, including many paint systems; repairs to decks; re-cauking; anti-slip; laying of Dek-king; resealing of fittings and windows. Polishing and antifouling.




Stripping down old paint/varnish systems and recoating. Re-caulking old deck using appropriate system. Repair to cracked wood work. Replacing hand rails gratings etc.

Bright work on masts and spars, either hand applied or sprayed.



GRP / Epoxy Systems

Many of the substrates we work on require the use of epoxy systems to protect from the elements and prolong the life of the substrate, whether it's before a full respray or just repair work to the hull or superstructure.



Varnishing / Brightwork

All brightwork can be restored to full beauty, but degrading woodwork and veneers can have an overall worn look, so the use of stains and bleaches can help with the process. We can apply both single pack and two pack varnish systems in various application methods to suit your needs.



Spraying / Finishing

Having worked with some of the leading boat companies and an array of high profile yachts, detail to finish is a priority.

A spray finish will always be better than hand painting, using high end products like Awlgrip, Epifanes and International paints - you will be sure to get a good result. We use specific paint systems from a full re-fair to repairs on your boat, followed by a respray can all be achieved, no job too small.




The majority of antifoul systems are straight forward in application. There are a lot of products on the market, which one is right for you, depends on your needs as well as the substrate and type of boat. If, however, the bottom of the boat needs cleaning back due to flaking, then a sodablasting or sandblasting company are best equipped to do this first stage of the job as sanding back antifoul is a big No No, we can arrange for this process to be done.




Polishing helps remove stubborn stains on hulls and superstructures, bringing it back to full gleam. It can be done using modern cutting pastes and polishes, providing the gelcoat has not degraded too much. Crazing and staring of the substrate will not go away with polishing and should be considered for repair with a few options.

Certain painted boats can be polished but we cannot promise fender rub/scratches will be removed. At this stage the consideration of repainting would be an option. 


Types of products we use





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